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LEAP Palletizer

LEAP Robotic Palletizer

LEAP Palletizer General Machine Specification
Robot Arm -Articulate 4 axis robot
Maximum reach : > Ø6000mm
Maximum payload :≥ 250kg
Maximum Load Height :> 2800mm from pallet height
Maximum palletizing speed :Min. 3.7s/cycle depending on path and load.
MTBF for Robot :> 70,000hrs
Maximum SKU accommodation :maximum 4 SKU with ISO pallet
AC gear Motor :SEW Eurodrive
Gripper :o Mechanical Gripping :
o Suction:
      Vacuum Venturi System with plant compressed air
      Vacuum System with Blower
      Vacuum system with Vacuum generator
Position Repeatability :+/- 0.05 mm
Position Accuracy :+/- 0.2 mm
Linear Path Accuracy :+/- 2.2 mm
Noise Level :< 73 dB (A)
Protection Class :IP67 , CE
Operation Environment :±0°C to +50°C
Max. 95% RH at constant temperature
Robot Arms Supervision :Collision Detection option
Products Handling Capability
RSC cartons with optional tape seal checking (99%)
Wraparound Carton
LEAP Palletizer Project Gallery

LEAP Palletizer Project Gallery

LEAP Palletizer Project Gallery